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UK Online Human Resources Record Administration System

The core worker record system can then be enhanced with the Self Service component. This will match companies who want to devolve actions in essential areas to staff, such the capability to demand holiday or other leave online, with process approvals built in; as part of the performance, yearly leave schedules are available, so staff can avoid requesting time that cuts across company policies. Employees likewise have the power to alert Human Resources of adjustments to key information, online, such as adjustment of name, marital status, bank details. The HR software will also provide for the publication and viewing of Staff Rotas. A dash board option exists for both staff individuals and the HR team giving information of the standing of requests such as annual leave. The control as well as accessibility to employee records is managed by means of roles and authorisations, so just verified personnel can see all records-- like the HR Supervisor- whilst individual employees can have compl